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    This section answers questions about the end of our contract with Burke Racquet & Swim Club

    • How long is your winter session?
    • What is the player/coach ratio?
    • What is your relationship w/ Vinh Do & Elite 10S?
    • Will there be special member pricing for Courtplay programs at BRSC?
    • What is your overall cost structure?
    • How much is membership at BRSC?
    • Registration now open! 
    • What is Club Automation?
    • Can you help me log in?
    • Where does my child go?
    • Will my child always have the same coach?
    • How do you handle make ups?
    • Will there be any changes to my contract time?
    • How is your Cardio Tennis different?
    • How will flights work?
    • Are you keeping the Friday Night Social?
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  • Questions about our move

    When will you leave?

    As of now our plan is to turn over the contract effective August 6, 2018

    Where are you going?​

    We will be moving our Business to Delray Beach, Florida and partnering with Pro World Tennis Academy to provide the 12U programming

    Which Coaches will be going with you?

    The majority of the team will make the transition. Julie Ruamthong and Jahan Kashani have decided to remain in the Northern Virginia area and Deja Stewart will finish school in Baltimore, MD.

    Who will take over at BRSC?

    It has been confirmed that A Plus tennis will assume control of the management contract at BRSC. Run by Vinh Do, Jimmy Davis & Steve Curtis, A Plus Tennis offers a strong lineup of Junior and Adult programming we are confident that they will be a great solution for many of you. Learn more about APlus Tennis at www.aplustennis.com

    Where should we go next?

    A Plus Tennis will provide quality programming at BRSC. However, every case is different and if you are looking for other recommendations you should speak with your primary coach directly.

    Why are you leaving?

    This is the next logical step in our evolution as an organization. While we have have developed so many great relationships and genuinely loved our time at BRSC and in the Virginia area, we believe that in order to truly pursue our vision for the industry we need to be in South Florida.


    Additionally, the opportunity to partner with a renowned academy like Pro World provides a great platform for us have an even more significant impact.

    Will you guys keep a presence in this area?

    Unfortunately, No. The Courtplay Athletics brand, management services and teaching methodology will move completely to Florida.

    What about summer camp?

    We will offer 7 weeks of summer camp this year. From June 18, 2018 through August 3, 2018

    Can I withdrawal from summer camp weeks I've already enrolled in?

    Unfortunately, no. Our summer camp slots are very competitive especially given that this will be the last opportunity for us to work with many of the kids in our program. If you have signed up you are holding one of those spots. Withdrawal would forfeit your registration cost.

    I've already paid for camp weeks in August, can I get a refund?

    Yes. There is a small number of people who registered for weeks beyond August 3, 2018 and those families have already been contacted. Ideally, we would like to fit you in to earlier weeks but if that doesn't work, we will certainly refund your money.

    What if I don't finish my private lesson package?

    We stopped selling our 10-pack private lesson package effective June 1, 2018. All pre existing private lesson packages must be completed by July 31, 2018. Beyond that date you would forfeit any remaining lessons.

    What if I have an outstanding balance?

    All outstanding balances beyond 30 days, will need to be settled by July 15, 2018. After that we will either charge the card on file or begin collections activity.

    What if I have an outstanding credit?

    Any remaining credits would need to be used before we depart on August 3rd. Courtplay Athletics Credits will not roll to the new management company and BRSC will not be responsible for honoring money spent with Courtplay Athletics. If you feel like you will be legitimately unable to use any remaining credit with us please contact us and let us know so that we can try and work something out.

  • General Program Questions

    How long is are your sessions?

    Most of our sessions will run for eight (8) weeks. From January 2, 2017 - February 26, 2017. We schedule our weeks from Monday to Sunday, so your session will likely always start on Monday and end on a Sunday unless there is a major holiday that causes a conflict.

    What is your player/coach ratio?

    For most classes, we maintain a 6:1:1 ratio. That is six (6) players to one (1) coach to one (1) court. In certain scenarios (i.e. Cardio Tennis, red court classes) one or more aspects of this ratio may be adjusted.

  • Pricing Information

    Will there be special member pricing for Courtplay Athletics programs at BRSC?

    Currently, members of BRSC are paying an average of $25 p/ hour for group classes. The non-member cost is 20% - 30% higher depending on the program.


    Additionally, only BRSC members will be able to reserve court time at the club and will recieve special promotions, discounts & other benefits throughout the season.

    What is your overall cost structure?

    For most clinics, members pay $25 p/hour and Non-members pay $32.50 p/hour for group classes. Special rates may apply for Drop-in based classes and/or promotional offers

    How much is membership at BRSC?

    For all BRSC membership related questions. Please visit www.burkeclub.com or call (703) 250 - 1299

  • Club Automation & Online Registration

    How do I register for classes?

    Registration is handled through our online system Club Automation. Please use the "Sign up" links located throughout the website to see detailed pricing, schedules and enroll in classes.

    What is Club Automation?

    Club Automation is an industry leading club management software. This software will offer a host of features for your convenience including:

    • Court Reservation Requests
    • Program Registrations
    • Account Management
    • Club Announcements
    • Lesson tracking
    • ... and much, much more

    Club automation is currently being used in several of the top clubs in our area as well as throughout the country. You can learn more about Club Automation at www.clubautomation.com or login into our site at burkeclub.clubautomation.com 

    Where Can I find help on logging in to the system and setting up my profile?

    We have made significant efforts to set up accounts for existing clientele is our new system. Use the button below to download our "Help Document". It will walk you through first time set up for your profile. if you ned additional help please feel to reach to Michael via email at Michael@courtplayathletics.com.


    *Note: Please be patient with BRSC staff, this is a new system for them as well and we are all working diligently to get up to speed so that we can serve you better.

  • Junior Program Inquiries

    Where does my child go?

    Enrolled at Burke prior to January 2017?

    Use this chart as a guide to help you determine where you should enroll in January!

    Will my child always have the same coach?

    At Courtplay Athletics, we truly believe that the best approach to teaching comes from a team approach. Our pathway is organized in such a way that coaches are able to be trained in the specific curriculum for each level of the program.


    That being said, we recognize that continuity of instructor is a major key to the success your child's learning experience. Coaches will be assigned specific days and classes and barring some unforeseen circumstance will remain on that class for the duration of the session.

    How will you handle make-ups?

    Make-ups are offered as a courtesy only to members of Burke racquet & Swim Club. Please see below for other considerations:

    • BRSC members are allowed to make up classes during the same session in which they miss a class, as long as there is room in a comparable class. 
    • Classes missed for personal reasons can not be carried over into future sessions. 
    • If an entire class needs to be canceled, by us for reasons outside of your control (i.e. weather) all enrolled participants will receive a make-up and if it cannot be completed within the session we will carry it over to the subsequent session
    • Unfortunately, we cannot pro-rate classes. 
  • Adult Program Inquiries

    Will there be any changes to my contract time?

    Contracts are paid on an annual basis. We do not anticipate needing to disrupt contract for the remainder of the 2016-17 season. However, if a need should arise we will reach out to the contract holder directly.

    How is your Cardio Tennis different?

    Cardio Tennis, As it was intended, is an internationally branded product of the Tennis Industry Association. It is its own brand just like Zumba, Crossfit or Soul Cycle. Both of our founders are international representatives of the brand and are excited to bring that product to BRSC. Cardio Tennis is traditionally a 50 - 60 minute class and includes a proper warm up, cardio segment & cool down. Heart Rate monitors, transition balls and music are used to create a safe, fun and social atmosphere for all participants.


    You can learn more about Cardio Tennis by visiting cardiotennis.courtplayathletics.com

    How will flights work?

    We have made a very concerted effort to minimize the amount of change happening within the adult program. Many of you are used to processes that have been in place for quite some time. We intend to learn those process and solicit your feedback about what could be done better before making any significant changes. For now flight registration will continue to take place on site at BRSC. Registration for flights will officially open up on January 2, 2017

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