• Play -2- Learn

    Adult Introductory Classes

    Courtplay Athletics offers an introductory curriculum structured into four phases as described below.

    This provides new and returning players an opportunity to develop and improve upon core tennis fundamentals prior to moving on to performance level programs.


    Phase 1

    "A proper introduction"

    (1.0 - 1.5)


    Built on the concept that the basis of tennis is tracking and movement. Phase 1 is designed to improve on the fundamental skills necessary for long term success. Players will learn to execute the following fundamental skills in a fun play based environment.


    Phase 1 provides a foundation of:

    • Footwork
    • Balance
    • Contact
    • Coordination
    • Continental Grip
    • Basic Tactics

    Phase 2

    "You've got game"

    (1.5 - 2.0)


    ​Now that you have the tools from Phase 1. It's time to start putting them together. Phase 2 of our Adult Pathway teaches various patterns and shot combinations that will have you running your opponent around the court in no time!


    Phase 2 concepts include:

    • Forehand/Backhand Chip
    • Forehand/Backhand Volley
    • Dropshot
    • Lob
    • Overhead
    • Directional intent 

    Phase 3

    "Upgrades available"

    (2.0 - 2.5)


    So you got the basics... You can track the ball, move to and even know what to do when you get there! Congrats! Now its time to "upgrade your weapons system". Phase 3 continues to build upon the same tactical concepts from Phase 2 while introducing new strokes to keep you challenged and moving forward. Journey on my friend!


    Phase 3 improves:

    • Forehand Groundstroke
    • Backhand Groundstroke
    • Serve & Return of serve

    Phase 4

    "The Final Frontier"

    (3.0 - 3.5)


    This is it! It's time to put it all together. You have all of the tools you need to begin playing some pretty amazing tennis! (you also probably know more than most of your friends!) Phase 4 will cement the learning in Phase 1-3 and give you additional live point play experience where you learn to implement all the cool stuff you've learned!


    Phase 4:


    • Singles & Doubles strategy
    • Practical Application of all concepts
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  • What people are saying...

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  • "I started out with the program as a football and basketball player who had never swung anything but a baseball bat. I was in class with several people who had clearly played tennis before, and others who were novices like me. Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Courtplay program is how it focuses on such fundamental athletic skills that anyone at any level can benefit from it. A commitment to learning the basics and building on a strong foundation of movement and balance has lead to a rapid improvement in my ability to play. Beyond just tennis, the environment and camaraderie between the players and coaches is top notch - making not just the end result, but also the journey to get there, fun and exciting."


    - Steve C.

    Courtplay's instructional technique is fantastic. In the six months of training with them since they took over instruction at my club, my skills are now markedly better than after some two years of previous training from other providers.


    My instructors' techniques, attention to detail, and innovative methods corrected earlier mistakes that had become ingrained in me and helped me to progress rapidly to become a confident intermediate player -- and a much smarter one.


    I've been extremely impressed by the dedication of Courtplay's instructors and their obvious commitment to their students. While they're sticklers for proper form and technique, they're also incredibly patient and creative, and find ways to make each lesson and each skill or technique both fun and rewarding. I never leave without feeling tired, sore and sweat-soaked, and yet having had a great time.


    -Steve A


    The Play to Learn pathway has really improved my understanding of the game. We not only learn the strokes and rules, but are instructed on the intricacies of the importance of balance and control.


    Although I have only been involved in two sessions (16 weeks), the Pathway has already significantly improving my game.

    -Suzanne T

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