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    Scroll down to find the age group appropriate for your child.


    (Ultimately we will use a combination of 4 Different age types to make sure your child is in the appropriate class, but for now let's just start with the date on their birth certificate )



    Select the appropriate phase for your child. Each age group has three phases.

    • Introductory Phase 
    • Performance Phase
    • Mastery Phase 

    You can find brief descriptions of each phase in the area below. If you need any help, scroll to the bottom of the page and shoot us a quick note!



    Click the appropriate image to see the most up to date class schedule.


    Please keep in mind that if you are not logged in, all prices shown are non - member prices.



    Once you have confirmed that there is room on your desired day and time, log in or create your account and register online!


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    Welcome to the our little community! We are excited to get going!

  • Introductory Level Programs


    "Introductory" doesn't necessarily mean beginner. These programs are designed to introduce players to the Courtplay Athletics - Junior Development Pathway while covering the prerequisite skills that will ultimately be required for success during later stages of their development.

    Performance Level Programs



    The performance level programs are mid-level programs designed to develop and refine technical and tactical proficiency.

    Mastery Level Programs


    The following programs go deeper into tactics, strategies and other areas of competitive play and will require a baseline of technical competency. Each of these programs are invite only and require Director Approval prior to enrollment

  • "Successive levels of education must correspond to the successive personalities of the child. Our methods are oriented not to any pre-established principles but rather to the inherent characteristics of the different ages. It follows that these characteristics themselves include several levels."

    - Maria Montessori

  • 8U Red Programs

    (Click the images below to view class schedules and enroll)

  • It makes sense, we promise !

    If you're having difficulty determining which level is best for your child please reach out!

    We will be happy to answer any questions and even be happy to set up a free, in person orientation if necessary

  • 10U Orange Programs

    (Click the images below to view class schedules and enroll)

  • Ok, but what about my kid?

    Not sure which phase to sign up for? Click the button below and schedule your free orientation! We will be happy to help!

  • 12U Green / Yellow Programs

    (Click the images below to view class schedules and enroll)

  • Need to request an evaluation?

    An orientation is a great way to get introduced to the program. It takes less than 30 minutes and is a great opportunity for the coaches to take a look at your child and make a recommendation regarding their class placement! Best of all, it's free!
    What do you have to lose? Just fill out the contact form below

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